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Hotel Indigo Traverse City Review

On a recent trip to Traverse City, the new Hotel Indigo caught my eye. It stood out from the crowd of mostly older chains with its distinctive modern design. It is also in a prime location on the edge of the downtown area. There are few reviews and not a lot of information, so it was difficult to tell if the service and comfort would match the sleek style. With sky high summer pricing going into effect, I decided to stay just one night for the experience and see if it would remain on my list for a Fall...

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Label Daddy Name Labels Review

As parents and teachers know all too well, kids have a lot of stuff. School supplies, toys, sports equipment, layers of clothing, shoes, and the list keeps going. What we also know is that kids leave things behind or get everything mixed up. With baseball season and summer camps in mind, I agreed to do a product review on Label Daddy’s adhesive name labels. They sent me a credit and I ordered a pack of 75 extra small clothing labels. My daughter and I have put the labels through the paces for a couple weeks to get a good...

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Teach Your Kids How to Graph Money

Here’s an easy to do activity that combines two important lessons. The first is to show how graphing and charts works. The second is a bit more open ended; teach your child about money. You could use it to talk about an allowance or birthday gifts and how savings adds up.  All you need to do is empty out your pockets of spare change and get graphing! Materials Needed for the Project: Coins Paper Pencil Crayons Instructions: Start off with a brief scavenger hunt. You and your child need to find as many coins as possible. Search your wallet,...

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Tennessee Brown Sugar Whiskey Barbecue Sauce

Did you know that Tennessee Whiskey is not bourbon? To be officially called a Tennessee Whiskey the distiller has to use a Charcoal Mellowing process call “The Lincoln County Process.” And yes, we’re so serious about that in Tennessee that it’s actually a state law! I’m sure you’ve seen the trend at eateries and on TV cooking and grilling shows. You’ve probably seen a couple of shows, or even restaurant menu’s, featuring menu items with Jack Daniels as an ingredient. There are Jack Daniel ribs, burgers, chops, drinks and more. Ribs seem to be the hometown favorite! The good...

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5 Great Reasons to Visit Niagara Falls

  The three waterfalls that are located on the border of the United States and Canada are what is considered the Niagara Falls region. The largest of the waterfalls is Horseshoe Falls, followed by the American Falls, and Bridal Veil Falls. Anyone who visits Niagara Falls will have the opportunity to see the falls from either country and it is possible to cross the border to the other side with a passport. Here are 5 reasons to visit Niagara Falls:   Maid of the Mist Everyone needs to experience the waterfalls up close and personal and the best way...

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