Author: Richard Christensen

Finding Serenity at Ohio’s Stockport Mill Inn

Winding roads through the Appalachian foothills in Southeastern Ohio will lead you to a relaxing stay at the Stockport Mill Inn. This is the kind of place that yanks you out of our hectic modern times to peaceful days overlooking the Muskingum river. A popular area for motorcycle cruising, fishing, and Fall leaf peeping, Stockport is just far enough away from everything so there will be no distractions from your vacation.

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Step Back in Time at the John and Annie Glenn Museum

The John and Annie Glenn Museum is housed in the home where John Glenn spent his childhood. Locate in the small town of New Concord in Southeastern Ohio, it is the perfect showcase for his humble beginnings. Guests are treated to a one of a kind tour of this historic home and get to know the man who became the first American to orbit the Earth.

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A Look Inside the National Museum of Cambridge Glass

Cambridge Glass is treasured by collectors who love the variety of styles and distinctive colors which were created by these Ohio artisans. While only in operation for just over a half century, the catalog is impressive. The National Museum of Cambridge Glass has over 10,000 pieces on display, including the very first one made in 1902.

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Roadside Attractions Adult Coloring Book

The Roadside Attractions coloring book features 25 drawings of famous kitschy stops, from the giant Longaberger basket office building to a field of concrete corn. The pictures are fun to color, and though it’s marketed as an adult coloring book, the images aren’t all overly intricate. There’s a nice balance between easy and highly detailed to suite your mood.

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