Wagon Pilot Adventures Information and Media Kit

Wagon Pilot Adventures Media Kit

I always love meeting new people, especially the characters I run into at Disney World. ©R. Christensen

I always love meeting new people, especially the characters I run into at Disney World. ©R. Christensen

My name is Richard Christensen and I’m a travel addict. While you may not see me jaunting off to exotic foreign destination, I do love the thrill of exploring new places. At the heart of my journeys are always the unique and interesting people I meet along the way. I share the details of travel destinations with my readers to both share my experiences and help them plan their own adventures. I frequently work with CVBs across the Midwest and other area in the US to highlight what they have to offer to visitors. I also work with brands on product reviews relevant to my readers. If you would like more information on travel destination coverage or product reviews on my website and social media, feel free to contact me at WagonPilotDad@gmail.com and download the current Wagon Pilot Adventures Media Kit. Rate sheet available by email request.

Review and Giveaway Guidelines

• Product or service needs to be relevant to this blog and readers.

• All reviews are my honest opinion. I do not like writing negative reviews, so the sponsor will be notified and given the option of me not posting an article if I’m not happy with the product or service.

• Any items shipped to me become property of this blog and will not be returned or used as a giveaway prize.

• Additional items may be provided by the sponsor for promotional giveaways. Shipping details will be arranged beforehand.

• To protect my readers’ privacy, I do not share any of their personal or digital information except details required for shipment of a giveaway prize.

• Press releases and/or social media posts may also be handled for a fee.

• Travel and hotel reviews will depend on location and dates as well as services provided. I am based out of the Detroit region and often travel throughout the MidWest, New England and East Coast, plus Florida and Orlando areas.

• Affiliate partnerships are always welcome.