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Disney World Summer 2017 Discounts

Disney World discounts have been released for this summer which are valid for stays most resort stays from May 28 through August 31, 2017. Booking is open now through July 14. Room discounts range from 10% up to 25% depending on date and resort class. See below for details. Disney World has also been creating specific package offers with combinations of resorts ad tickets, so there may be some comparison shopping to do to get the best deals. Valid Travel Dates May 28 through August 31, 2017 Important Details Additional per adult charges may apply if there are more...

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Cars 3 Cast Touring Coast to Coast for Movie Launch

With Disney-Pixar is celebrating the June 16th opening of Cars 3 with a meet and greet tour across the US. Road to the Races will feature life-size replicas of Lighting McQueen and new costars Cruz Ramirez and Jackson Storm will be hitting the road starting March 23rd with their first stop at Disney Springs in Orlando, Florida. From there they will spend the next three months traveling to 26 more cities.   Cars 3 Road to the Races tour activities will include a special sneak peak of the film, racer pit crew tire-changing, Dole Refueling Station smoothies, an interactive...

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Air Travel Can Be Stress-Free with this Simple Hack

Air travel is a convenience that quickly loses its appeal when we think of the airport. Being whisked to far off destinations in mere hours loses its luster when coupled with arrived at the airport hours early, wading through the TSA security lines, and then trying to find a halfway decent place to sit near your gate to wait. Even parking is a hassle. We pay through the nose just to park at a lot down the street and take a shuttle, which eats up more time. The good news is it doesn’t have to be this way. Airline...

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Spontaneous Moments Create Lifelong Memories

Life’s hectic pace rarely leaves room for spontaneous moments. It seems that every minute of our time is either scheduled or spent trying to catch up on some chore or obligation. Day after day it’s the same routine, unless we manage to schedule in a vacation or activity that always seems to be too short. Wake up, get the kids off to school, start tackling chores or head off to work, pick the kids up, dinner, crash on the couch, off to bed. Rinse. Repeat. Lately, I’ve been feeling the effects of my mundane schedule. Between our work schedules...

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5 Ways You Can Volunteer at Your Elementary School

c   The importance of the parents volunteering at elementary schools is often overlooked. Nevertheless they are a key piece to keeping the school day running smoothly. Schools rely on monitors to take care of students during lunch and recess. Teachers are increasingly in need to assistants to help with tasks as more demands from educational standards occupy their lesson time. Volunteers also make possible special events and after school activities that the staff alone would not be able to handle on their own. Even more than just being a second level of staff, volunteers provide an extra layer...

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