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25+ Easy Instant Pot Recipes for Beginners

The Instant Pot has a little bit of a learning curve, but is easy to master. Here are 25 basic recipes to get you familiar with your new kitchen appliance. There are a few of mine plus others I’ve tried from around the web. Start with some really easy items, like corn on the cob or pasta and meatballs and you’ll be an Instant Pot addict like myself! Enjoy!   Instant Pot Breakfast Recipes Easy Cold Start Yogurt – So simple and you can add what you wish to the yogurt. Steel cut oats – Perfect way to start...

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10 Useful Gifts for Young Travelers

Traveling as a family is becoming more and more common today. And let’s face it, kids have different needs and interests than adults. Here are ten useful gift ideas for your young travelers. This list has items your kids can use either on vacations or to inspire them to explore the world. This post contains links from a trusted partner. Thank you for supporting Wagon Pilot Adventures.   #1 American Tourister Captain America Luggage Superheroes are everything today and what kid wouldn’t want their own hero luggage? Who am I kidding? I may have to replace my own set...

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The Next Evolution of Pokemon Go will be Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Niantic Labs has announced the follow up to their insanely successful Pokémon GO game will be titled Wizards Unite. Based in the universe of Harry Potter, the new app is easily guaranteed to be wildly popular. Based on the same Ingress platform as Pokémon GO, Wizards Unite opens the door to several different gameplay possibilities. While details have not been revealed, I could see anything from wizard combat to searching for Magical Beasts in the wild similar to catching Pokémon. Niantic officially announced the game today and, so far, has only given a release date of 2018. Stay tuned...

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How to Cook the Perfect Steak

For me, the perfect steak is elevated above a mere piece of grilled meat. It must have a nice crust on the outside without being dry on the inside. Hints of butter, salt, and that complex seared essence from the the Maillard reaction. It is often thought that grilling is the best method for cooking a steak, but both charcoal and gas grills can be inconsistent with heat and flare ups torch rather than sear. The kitchen is where the real flavor blossoms. That’s right. If you want the perfect steak, you’re going to need a stove top. Preparing...

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Touring The Ford Piquette Avenue Plant

One of the essential stops on any visit to the Motor City, the Ford Piquette Avenue plant is an indelible part of automotive history. Located in downtown Detroit, the Piquette plant has been restored and is open to the public for tours. This building is steeped in automotive history and it is truly an integral piece of Detroit’s DNA. Anyone looking to learn more about Henry Ford, or the Model T, needs to stop by for a visit. Built by Ford, the Piquette Avenue plant was used to build several of their early vehicles starting in 1904 and culminated...

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