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Six Truly Fun Family Vacation Activities in Sandusky, Ohio

Coming up on its bicentennial year in 2018, the port city of Sandusky, Ohio is quickly becoming a vacation destination. Known throughout the Midwest and beyond for Cedar Point amusement park’s world class roller coasters, Sandusky itself has often been overlooked as part of the vacation experience. That is all changing now with the city experiencing a renaissance of the downtown and port areas. This list of things to do and places to visit just scratches the surface of the fun for the whole family in Sandusky. Disclosure: Accommodations at Holiday Inn Express and tours were provided by Shores...

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9/11 Film Charlie Sheen Signed Poster and Gift Pack Giveaway

Do you remember where you were during the horrific 9/11 terrorist attacks? I find it hard to believe it was 16 years ago, yet the moments are still clear as yesterday. I was parking my car at the office when the morning talk show host on the radio mentioned a report of a plane crashing into the World Trade Center. No details, the gravity hadn’t set in yet. As I walked to my lab, two coworkers were standing in front of the TV in the conference room and looking very concerned. I, and the rest of the employees, joined...

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Clearing the Confusion About American Made Cars

At one time, the United States dominated the car making industry and Detroit was truly the Motor City. Between outsourcing to cut costs in the 1970s through 1990s, plus the globalization of the market, purely American made cars declined in number. Despite this, American auto manufacturing still employs a significant number of people across the US. Roughly 320,000 in auto assembly plants and another 500,000+ in automotive parts supplier factories. In fact, around 60% of new cars and trucks in the US are at least assembled here. ***This post is sponsored by Article content is purely my own...

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5 Fun Chicago Attractions the Whole Family will Enjoy

If you’re looking for a destination with several prime attractions within easy walking distance, then Chicago has everything you need. Clustered along the Lake Michigan shoreline, you’ll find art, history, science, and even a world class aquarium. Fine hotels are within walking distance of most attractions and it’s an easy bus or taxi ride to the others. Downtown Chicago is also easy to get to whether driving, flying, or by rail. Let’s take a look at five of Chicago’s best museums. This post may contain links from a trusted partner. Thank you for supporting Wagon Pilot Adventures. Field Museum...

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Download NASA’s Amazing Sci-Fi Travel Posters

Looking to spruce up your den or office cube? Then download NASA’s amazing set of Sci-Fi travel posters. The Visions of the Future series artwork harkens back to the golden age of science fiction when imagination helped drive enthusiasm for space exploration. The images feature far off destinations like Venus, Jupiter and Saturn’s moons, and even exoplanets detected by the Kepler spacecraft. The posters are available for download as PDF or TIFF files with a standard 20 x 30 inch size. Take the files to your favorite copy shop and print them on some nice paper for display. Click...

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