An old IS-3 Russian tank rests on Shikotan island, just 60 miles off the coast of Japan. At the bottom of the Kuril Islands chain, it has been administered by Russia since WWII. Around 2000 people live in the two small fishing villages on the island among the remains of other rusting tanks and turrets left from the Cold War era.

Shikotan island

This image really grabbed my attention while hopping around the islands on Google Maps. The stark contrast between the hulking steel tank and the gentle grasslands and rolling hills piqued my curiosity. As it often is with my virtual adventures, I see a story lying just out of reach and need to delve into some research to piece together the puzzle so I can share it with others. You can interact with the embedded 360 picture below or click on the link within to go straight to Google Maps and explore the surrounding area. There are a few other picture bubbles on the island to view.