Virtual Excursion: Holland Tulip Farms ©Google Maps — Click for larger image

While we experienced a few unseasonable warm days here in Michigan, my thoughts wandered to Spring. We have a tulip festival in the town of Holland, near the shores of Lake Michigan. When my Google Maps search there didn’t turn up anything spectacular, I naturally scrolled across the Atlantic to the Netherlands where I found this amazing panorama of the tulip fields near ‘t Zand.

No, that’s nota typo. ‘t Zand is a small town located in northern Holland and prime tulip farm real estate. The sheer magnitude of the fields and colors of the flowers really stood out. The rows of modern windmills, generating electricity, fit well into the scene. The Netherlands exports two-thirds of the world’s flowers, many of which are tulips. The Dutch have focused heavily on creating both an efficient and sustainable agricultural industry allowing them to produce grow roughly two billion tulips in 2017.

The area plays host to several tulip themed events in late April to early May when the flowers are in bloom. You can find more information about the events here.


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