Do you want to build a snowman? ©R. Christensen

Life’s hectic pace rarely leaves room for spontaneous moments. It seems that every minute of our time is either scheduled or spent trying to catch up on some chore or obligation. Day after day it’s the same routine, unless we manage to schedule in a vacation or activity that always seems to be too short. Wake up, get the kids off to school, start tackling chores or head off to work, pick the kids up, dinner, crash on the couch, off to bed. Rinse. Repeat.

Lately, I’ve been feeling the effects of my mundane schedule. Between our work schedules and a slew of school projects, we’re feeling the effects of not planning our usual winter family trip this year. The days just blend into one another. Today was different though. Today I saw an opening and that spark of life was aflame once again. You see, it only takes one spontaneous moment to write a paragraph in your life’s book and rekindle what keeps you going through the highs and lows. Today became one of those days.


Memory Created: March 17th, 2017. The year it snowed on St. Patrick’s Day.

The weather has been unusually warm. In fact, the past two months were record setting. Then a wind storm from the arctic brought winter back. This evening the skies opened up with those fat, fluffy snowflakes that every kid loves. My daughter ran out to play in the last hour of daylight. A few minutes later I peered out the window to see her building a snowman. It was like that scene where the Grinch’s heart grew three sizes. My face lit up and I headed to the pantry to find decorations for the snowman and threw on my coat. It was only an hour, but we had fun making a snowman. My wife also made her way outside and started a snowball fight. It felt good to laugh, especially as a family. I won’t forget this day and I hope my daughter has also added a new paragraph to her childhood memories.

Are you stuck in the rut of routine? Do you, like myself, suffer from depression or anxiety? When you’re on autopilot it’s difficult to cut loose and just live for the sake of enjoying life. When these little opportunities arise, be sure to grab hold and enjoy living in the moment. A few minutes of happiness can clear out weeks of being stuck in the doldrums.


Just enough time to play in the snow. ©R. Christensen

Have you had a spontaneous moment for yourself or with friends/family lately? I’d love to hear what makes your day brighter or if you’ve had the same troubles with the gray days. Feel free to share your stories in the comments for other readers.