©Orion TT Luggage

©Orion TT Luggage

Orion’s Billboard Luggage Will Pay Your Airline Baggage Fees

Orion Travel Tech is launching an innovative new program that may take the sting out of baggage fees for frequent air travelers. Described as a ‘The only mobile billboard that goes global,’ Orion’s program is centered around you using their luggage wrapped with a giant corporate logo, sports team, or other advertising that you can choose. In return for using their luggage, they pay your baggage fees up to six times per year. I don’t know what’s better, getting a free set of luggage or having my baggage fees waived for $20/year.

Orion also plans to open airport lounges in 32 countries across the world. Orion is currently scheduled to launch the program mid-January 2016. They also have a host of travel apps and concierge services in the works. Given the price some airlines charge just for one bag, this scheme might take off quickly. I’m still waiting to see more of the fine print on how this would work for families and for over-weight bag charges.


So how exactly does this system work?

  1. You sign up and pay a $20 annual membership fee.
  2. Orion give you a free set of luggage; 20 inch carry-on and 28 inch hard shell.
  3. You choose the graphics for one side and advertising goes on the second side.
  4. Orion sends you a $50 gift card to pay fees while at the airport. It will be reloaded when it reaches $0.
  5. Orion pays up to six round trip baggage fees per year plus access to Orion airport lounges.


What do you think about this service? Something to consider or a marketing scheme doomed to fail?