10 Wild Adventures You Can Experience in Alaska

Looking for an amazing adventure vacation but worried about international travel? Then consider a trip to Alaska to ease you into global travel without the hassle of passports and vaccinations while still exploring a unique land. In Alaska you can enjoy an all-inclusive cruise while taking in the sights and sounds of glaciers and whale watching. And on land there are many more activities ranging from dog sledding in the winter to backpacking the scenic mountains during the summer months. There is so much to see and do in our largest state!


Uniquely Alaskan Adventures

  • Glacier & wildlife cruises
  • Overnight, freshwater, and saltwater fishing
  • Glacier hiking and climbing
  • Ecotour adventures
  • Ziplining and rafting
  • Railroad day adventures
  • Sled dog tours
  • Bear wildlife viewing
  • Northern Lights showing
  • Snowmobiles

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