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What You Need to Know About Disney World Seasonal Ticket Pricing

Today Disney World has implemented the long-rumored seasonal pricing and it’s not nearly as bad as many were predicting. In fact, it’s not that bad at all. Only single day tickets will be subject to seasonal pricing. The only real time price gouging will hit is during the busiest times. This is an attempt by Disney to level out attendance across the calendar year; busy times are more expensive and slower times are cheaper. We’ll have to see if that plays out in real life over the next year or so. There is also an annual across the board ticket price increase. Lets take a look at the seasonal pricing breakdown and price increases.


Disney World Seasonal Pricing

  • Only applies to single day tickets
  • Days will be priced as value, regular and peak days
  • Color coded pricing calendars will be available 8 to 11 months out
  • Magic Kingdom tickets will be Adult $105, $110, $124 / Kids 3-9 $99, $104, $118
  • Other Park tickets will be Adult $97, $102, $114 / Kids 3-9 $91, $96, $108
  • Tickets expire 14 days after 1st use
  • NEW – Unused tickets expire at the end of the following calendar year. (ex. Tix purchased now expire Dec 31, 2017)


2016 Disney World Ticket Prices

Park Hopper $55 (1-3 days) $69 (4-10 days). Paid once per length of ticket. ($5 increase over 2015)

2 day – Adult $202 / Kids 3-9 $190 — increase $10

3 day – Adult $290 / Kids 3-9 $272 — increase $15

4 day – Adult $325 / Kids 3-9 $305 — increase $20

5 day – Adult $340 / Kids 3-9 $320 — increase $25

6 day – Adult $355 / Kids 3-9 $335 — increase $30

7 day – Adult $370 / Kids 3-9 $350 — increase $35

8 day – Adult $380 / Kids 3-9 $360 — increase $35

9 day – Adult $390 / Kids 3-9 $370 — increase $35

10 day – Adult $400 / Kids 3-9 $380 — increase $35

So, we’re looking  at anywhere from $10 to $35 increase for a multi-day ticket. For the most common tickets, 4-6 days, that’s only $5/day increase. Of course, there have been several annual price increases in recent years so it now costs $81/day for a 4-day ticket and $59/day for a 6-day pass, which is squeezing out a lot of people. In terms of Annual Pass value, it’s comparable to 2 7-day trips the first year and 2 5-day trips with renewal discount; plus there are retail discounts, etc. with an AP.

For more details on optional pricing, such as waterparks, visit Disney World’s ticketing page.

Annual Passes

$749 – No changes in pricing or structure from 2015. There are several options for Florida residents and DVC members. Visit Disney World’s AP page for more details.


Saving Money on Tickets

There aren’t a whole lot of ways to save on Disney World tickets these days, but some savings can still be found. Do not buy tickets off sites like eBay or Craigslist since there are no guarantees they are valid. Also, avoid the the ticketing scams you see along the highway going into Orlando; most of those require timeshare presentations, etc. Here are some legitimate discounts:

  • AAA – Check your local branch, not all AAA chapters offer discounts
  • Undercover Tourist – Very popular established ticket retailer for WDW and Universal. Also sells for California parks.
  • Military – Active & retired military members specials offers. Check Military Disney Tips website for great info.
  • Disney also offers several options for Florida Residents.