Seven Dwarfs Mine Train ©WagonPilot

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train ©WagonPilot

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Review

Emma here with another Disney World review for kids! The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is a really fun roller coaster at Magic Kingdom. It goes fast but the hills aren’t too high or scary. The cars swing side to side in the turns, especially when sitting in the front. One of my favorite parts of the ride is the animatronic dwarfs. You see them working in the gem mine and their faces look like the real movie characters. The line for the ride is really neat so waiting isn’t so boring. The first part is in the woods outside the dwarfs’ cottage and feels like a real forest. There is a fun gem matching game and a musical water fountain. Inside the cottage there are barrels of gems to spin which makes pictures appear on the ceiling. If you spin all of them Snow White will show up and dance with the dwarfs. It gets really loud and hot inside the cottage part of the line.


Dad says: The Mine Train is a great addition to Magic Kingdom and a worthy centerpiece for New Fantasyland. Much like other Disney coasters it’s perfect for the whole family; not too scary but still plenty of thrills. And, of course, all of the detail you’d expect from Imagineering. From the get go it’s a fun experience. The queue takes you out of the park and drops you into the movie as you walk to and into the cottage. There are few quick games to keep guests entertained on the way in and loading is fairly quick. The ride itself is a combination of thrills and visuals with an indoor section where you travel through the dwarfs’ mine and get a taste of the new generation of animatronics with digital faces. Waits for this popular ride can very very long, so make sure it’s at the top of your list for FastPass+ reservations!

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train ©WagonPilot

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train ©WagonPilot

Attraction Information

Type: Roller Coaster

Height Requirement: 38in (97cm) or taller

Fun for Age Groups: All ages

Popularity/Wait Times: Very High

FastPass+: Yes, highly recommended

Rider Switch: Yes, ask cast member at entrance

Accessibility: Must Transfer from Wheelchair/ECV