Mickey Solar Farm

Disney World Adds Mickey Shaped Solar Farm

As part of its efforts to become more sustainable, last year Walt Disney World partnered with Duke Energy to build a 20 acre solar farm. Of course, the field of 48,000 solar panels is shaped in the classic Mickey head. As part of the agreement, Duke energy has a 15 year lease on the land and Disney will buy the power. In terms of energy production, the 48,000 photovoltaic panels will generate around 5 megawatts during peak times, which should be most days in sunny Florida. To put that in perspective, Disney World consumes over 60 megawatts per day. Disney has put a lot of effort into reducing their energy usage and waste over the past several year for both environmental and cost reasons. Switching to LED lighting, improved laundry facilities, and better wastewater management are just a few examples. Recently, Epcot’s Illuminations show installed lasers which save approximately 64,000 watts of power with each show. As a company, Disney also invests heavily into the Disney Conservation Fund, which has contributed over $40million since its inception on Earth Day 1995. For more information about DCF efforts and programs, visit their website.