Label Daddy Name Labels
*Disclosure: I received a pack of labels for test purposes; no other compensation.*

As parents and teachers know all too well, kids have a lot of stuff. School supplies, toys, sports equipment, layers of clothing, shoes, and the list keeps going. What we also know is that kids leave things behind or get everything mixed up. With baseball season and summer camps in mind, I agreed to do a product review on Label Daddy’s adhesive name labels. They sent me a credit and I ordered a pack of 75 extra small clothing labels. My daughter and I have put the labels through the paces for a couple weeks to get a good idea of how well they hold up in the real world. But first, let’s talk a bit about what Label Daddy has to offer.

Label Daddy Name Labels

Label Daddy carries a wide range of small adhesive labels that are perfect for slapping a name on all of your kids clothing and accessories. The labels range from small 3/4 x 1/2 inch clothing tags to 3 x 3/4 inch general purpose labels. Small items are often lost first and so the small label ranges are the most popular choices. When ordering, you select the size and then can customize the labels to fit your needs or style. My daughter chose a lavender color with a little cat icon. There are all sorts of graphics available from emojis to professional sports logos. An add-on feature is a lamination layer, which is recommended for surfaces that will be in contact with harsh chemicals. Lamination is the way to go for bathing suits (chlorine) or items that may get sunscreen on them. Labels can be ordered as individual types of as sets with a variety of shapes and sizes to meet your needs.

Clothing label after four washes ©R. Christensen

For our test we ordered a pack of 75 extra small labels since my daughter has baseball gear to tag and Girl Scout camp coming up soon. I skipped the lamination option so I could see how well the labels held up without it. The set came out to $20, not bad if they last a long time. Following the directions, we applied several labels to the tags on clothing, uniforms, and hats. The adhesive bonds into the material, so press firmly to work it in and let sit for 24 hours to set up. My daughter also put a few on her water bottles. So far I’m impressed. After four washes the labels are still shiny and look like new. The water bottle labels are still holding up as well. They haven’t been through the dishwasher, but have been scrubbed several times after baseball games and outdoor play.


With the limited testing I’ve done, the Label Daddy name tags are showing the indications of a long life and a good value. I’ll follow up later after a summer full of outdoor activities and Girl Scout camp to report on how well the labels have held up long term.

Update: After a year of use, including Girl Scout camp, vacations, and numerous washes the labels have held up well. So far it looks like the labels will typically outlast the piece of clothing they are attached to.