Dr. Jacob’s Naturals recently sent me three of their soap varieties to test at home. Over the past two weeks I have had a chance to use all three and each have found their spot in my daily routines. What makes Dr. Jacob’s Naturals line stand out is the attention to keeping their process and ingredients simple and all natural. They also pay attention to what consumers are looking for, such as no animal testing, no artificial ingredients, and keeping production in the USA. Let’s take a look at the different products and their benefits.

Dr. Jacob's Naturals Soap

Dr. Jacob’s Naturals Soap

*Disclosure: Products in this post were provided by the manufacturer. Opinions, as always, are purely my own.*


The Soaps

Dr. Jacob’s liquid soaps come in 9 different scents plus unscented. They share a similar base, but each brings its own benefits to the game through natural essential oils and extracts. I received Almond Honey and Peppermint Castile liquid soaps and a bar of Coco Loco Limeade loofah exfoliating soap. The Honey Almond is perfect for keeping skin hydrated, while the peppermint adds the benefit of cooling irritated skin; both issues I encounter during Michigan’s seasonal extremes. The Loofah bars are made with organic shea butter and gycerin to protect and moisturize skin.

Other varieties of liquid soap include lavender, citrus, eucalyptus, coconut, rose, shea butter, and sweet tea tree. The unscented variety contains zero perfumes or dyes and is perfect for those with very sensitive skin.


Dr. Jacob's Naturals Soap

Dr. Jacob’s Naturals Soap

My Experience

Each soap I received had its own unique scent and benefit. The Almond Honey is my favorite of the three. I’ve been using it in the shower and as both a body wash and shampoo for my hair and beard. It creates a full lather and rinses off very easily leaving behind a subtle scent. The peppermint has been great as a face wash in the morning. Its bright scent is refreshing and cleans my oily skin without drying it out like many other soaps I’ve used.

The liquid soaps work just as well as hand soaps. I bought a bottle of the Almond Honey for use in the kitchen where I frequently am washing my hands, but don’t always need a heavy anti-bacterial soap. I’ve noticed my hands haven’t been as dry, which is perfect since I hate using lotions.

The loofah bar has also gotten some use in the shower. It’s good for exfoliating dry skin. While it isn’t as aggressive as I’d like for dry feet, this makes it suitable for use as a facial bar.


I was impressed with the performance of each soap and the Almond Honey has become my new daily body wash and, most surprisingly, shampoo. I love the lather from these soaps and how cleanly it rinses off. The liquid soap is very thick, requiring little to get up a lather and none wasted. The loofah bar I’m a bit undecided on, but works well as a face wash. It does lather well and is easy on the skin.

Pricing is more than your standard major soap brands, though perfectly in line with comparable premium natural products. $15-$18 range for the 32oz bottle and $9-$11 for the 16oz pump bottle. Bars are $5-$6. For as little as needed compared to other liquid soaps, I’d rate it as a good value and give my recommendation.