Star Tours – The Adventures Continue

Star Tours – The Adventures Continue (click for hi-res image)

Disney World Ramps Up For Season of the Force

Our beloved Star Wars Weekends may not be returning for 2016, but there are several other new additions coming to Hollywood Studios as Disney World ramps up for The Force Awakens premiere and construction of the Star Wars Land park expansion. We will see a preview of what Disney has dubbed “Season of the Force” debut December 1st. Let’s take a look at what to expect next month.

Star Tours – The Adventure Continues will receive yet another upgrade as elements, including at least two new characters, from The Force Awakens are added to this amazing simulator ride. The ride randomizes which combination of Star Wars story lines will take place during each ride, but Disney has set it up so all guests will get to experience the new material for the first few months. Watch the clip below for a quick preview.


Next to the Star Tours building, the Jedi Training Academy is also getting an update. This interactive stage shows allows kids to get up close and personal with characters as they don the Jedi padawan robes and learn some lightsaber skills. The revamped Trials of the Temple version will feature a new villain, the Seventh Sister, from the Star Wars: Rebels TV series. Don’t worry, Darth Vader will still be there!

Star Wars Launch Bay

Star Wars Launch Bay (click for hi-res image)

Star Wars Launch Bay will occupy the recently closed Animation Studios area. This interactive experience will feature special exhibits, character meet and greets, and merchandise highlighting the Star Wars universe and the upcoming Force Awakens movie. So far, Chewbacca and Darth Vader have been announced for meet & greets. Expect more to be added, especially once the new movie is released and after the holiday season. winds down.

Star Wars Launch Bay Chewbacca Meet & Greet

Star Wars Launch Bay Chewbacca Meet & Greet (click for hi-res image)

There is also mention of “Star Wars: Path of the Jedi” which may be a film collage to get people up to speed with all of the Star Wars universe before the new movie. I’ll update when more concrete details emerge.

I will be touring Disney World in early December, so be sure to follow my social media accounts for pics and updates!