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Disney and Mylan Team Up on New Allergy Website

Disney and Mylan Team Up on New Allergy Website Disney and pharmaceutical manufacturer Mylan have formed a partnership to promote awareness and solutions for allergy sufferers. The MyAllergyKingdom website features advice for those with severe allergies plus a host of recipes, activities, printables and more. The fruits of this venture can also be seen in the Disney World theme parks with many newly introduced food offerings and updated park maps and signage indicating locations with EpiPen and EpiPen Jr (epinephrine) Auto-Injectors. For more information about severe allergies and anaphylaxis, visit their website.   Mylan and Disney Publishing Worldwide are...

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Orion’s Billboard Luggage Will Pay Your Airline Baggage Fees

Orion’s Billboard Luggage Will Pay Your Airline Baggage Fees Orion Travel Tech is launching an innovative new program that may take the sting out of baggage fees for frequent air travelers. Described as a ‘The only mobile billboard that goes global,’ Orion’s program is centered around you using their luggage wrapped with a giant corporate logo, sports team, or other advertising that you can choose. In return for using their luggage, they pay your baggage fees up to six times per year. I don’t know what’s better, getting a free set of luggage or having my baggage fees waived...

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Taking The Great Florida Road Trip

Every year thousands upon thousands of vacationers flock from the Northeast and Midwest to Walt Disney World and other Orlando attractions. This continuous mass migration encompasses everything from snowbirds seeking to escape the harsh winter weather, holiday travelers, and summer vacations when the kids are out of school. A few take a train, many take a plane, but today we’re going to talk about the Great Florida Road Trip. We may have ditched the golden age of quirky roadside attractions and cheap motels in favor of quick air travel, but there are still several reasons to load up the car...

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Surviving the Florida Sunshine

Surviving the Florida Sunshine Florida seems to have a special kind of sunshine that is both more powerful and blinding than other tropical destinations, which I’m sure is artificially amplified by reflection off the shiny surfaces and miles of pavement at Disney World. I can’t emphasize enough how intense the sun is and the damage it can do to your skin while touring the parks or lounging around the pool all day. Nothing can sideline you quicker than a sunburn and who wants to spend their vacation suffering in the hotel room while the rest of your group is...

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